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Change your life: learn to code

One of the best tech communities in the world. All the students of Atarazana Labs share the same technical background and apply industry best practices. This mix between diversity & technical expertise makes our community unique.

Code the startup way.

We will help you find your dream job, either as a junior dev, product manager or growth hacker. Discuss with any of our alumni to find out more!

Build your product

No one will teach you how to build web products as we do. Impact is disrupting politics, healthcare, marketing... and there are so many other projects in the starting blocks. 

Think like a Software engineer

A person who has the big picture on technical issues, who understands what MVC means, knows how to design a database schema or to dissect an HTTP request, and who can start learning a new programming language very quickly.

Get the startup toolkit

We will teach you how to implement all these services to be more efficient at the launch of your new product. Save time, use the right tool for your specific need, that's our developer mindset.

Adopt a technical workflow

There's definitely a good way of building tech products and that's what we will teach you. Write your MVP's user stories, draw your database scheme, build a mockup with Sketch, collaborate using pull-requests and code-reviews on Github. 

success stories

Successful countries need to be ready to experiment. 








Venture Funds


"...Reinventing the finances in every way!!!..."


"...incredible AI..."

" graduated from Mechanical Engineering and over the last few years have worked for big corporations where things moved slow and innovation was hard to implement. I was sick of jobs I didn't like and working for companies I didn't believe in. Once that realization came about, I started to look at the young and vibrant tech industry as the next logical step. But how do you make that move?"

Pamela Reyna

Atarazana Labs

Sally Aquino

Attending the 9-week coding bootcamp at Atarazana was one of the best decisions I ever made because it changed my life. With a background in Design, I had no prior knowledge of coding. However, I wanted to change my career path and become a web developer. So when I stumbled across Atarazana, I first went to all of the free workshops they offered and spoke to staff and alumni and then decided to join myself. 


Previous work: ".5 Design"

Change your life: learn to code

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